Surprising Facts About Ab Exercises

Ab exercises and six-pack abs are popular goal for many workout enthusiasts (thus the popularity for looking for best ab machines for home). As such we always keep an eye out on interesting articles on our news feeds.

Found a fantastic article on Yahoo outlining some facts about Abs and Ab exercises you should know.

Check it out below!

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Which Ab Machines Should I Use?

We came across a very helpful article on ab machines exercises and which ab machines might be good, or bad, to use. This article has a lot of good points, even if we do not see eye to eye on a few of them.

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A Best Ab Machines Buying Guide

We’ve recently found another great ab machines buying guide. When it comes to ab machines, there is a plethora of good to great ones out there. There are stinkers also. So it’s good to know what to look for.

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Why Your Ab Exercises May Not Be Working

Great article recently posted at Men’s Fitness.

While there are a lot of great articles (including ours) about great ab exercises and ab machines to use, you’ll always see “naysayers” and negative reviews on why these don’t work.

Our common response is that it is being done incorrectly. If you push on the brake instead of the gas on car, don’t blame the car for not moving forward

Here is a great technical article (for some expert exercisers) on why you may have stopped seeing those results!

1. Don’t Look Your Feet In

2. Don’t Overtwist

3. Don’t Be Stagnant

4. Don’t Only Work The Abs!


Swiss Ball Ab Exercises 101

While we really like ab machines for ab exercises, especially for adding resistance and for making ab exercises interesting (like with the Ab Circle Pro), one often overlooked piece of equipment is the swiss ball which is great for exercising your stabilizer muscles.

Here’s a great intro video overview to give you an idea of how to use the swiss ball

Even the strongest of abs could use this for core stabilization

Have fun!